Why SolarUnion - A Partnership for a Brighter Path

San Francisco sunny day showing opportunities for Solar Services in the City.

Do you remember the last time a device broke? It’s likely you were endlessly on the phone, threading through fictitious help desks, trying to find a solution. Did you ever reach a live agent, or were you promised a visit which never happened? Like “Groundhog Day,” every time you had a problem with one of your devices, you repeated the loop while your system and sanity languished. Like many of us, after you were done you probably asked yourself why you ever chose such a product. With a tight chest, you reminded yourself how you could be doing better things with your time. You lost sleep, and you probably had to apologize for arriving late to work. Meanwhile, your kids were climbing the walls waiting to go to classes and see their friends. What’s worse? After all the headaches, you found out your warranty had expired.

At SolarUnion, you’ll be a valued family member protected for the life of your system. We were once solar customers too, and we founded the company with a conviction to safeguard support. So, your quality of life and investment gains don’t get interrupted. From the moment you join us, you are provided tailored service. That means, for starters, you’ll have a project manager who quickly takes your calls and shows up. You will be heard because we thrive on feedback. Our track record has proven no less. After many years supporting homeowners in their energy independence goals, we have asset management capabilities with ready to go technicians assigned to cover the entire state of California. The installation is important (it takes two to three days), but technical support and maintenance continue for decades, and we are there for you.

Full, Long-Life Protection is Our Promise

Where repairs are required, you can rely on a solid warranty. “What kind of Warranty?” you ask? We offer the best solar warranty in the industry, with over 90% guaranteed production after 25 years. It pairs with a 25-year roof penetration guarantee. Added to that bundle is a 25-year extended triple guard guarantee covering parts, labor, and system performance. This includes a 25-year extended warranty on the inverter (the brain of the system). The package is fully transferable if you sell your home. On top of that, you also get insurance! You’ll enjoy construction protection to the tune of $5 million for your family and home.

Accomplished Engineers Guiding Your Way

Our Diamond Certified Home Improvement Guarantee means that you will work with a team of seasoned engineers that crafts modular and future-proof designs that seamlessly allow for system expansion in both capacity and features. Our knowledgeable and friendly in-house C46 Solar and C10 electrically licensed professionals are available to answer every one of your solar questions. We will walk you through the installation process from start to finish, being completely transparent, so you understand exactly what’s going on with your roof.

In partnership with our veteran professionals, you will save thousands of dollars with intelligent design, avoiding costly retrofits down the road. Planning well means your system can be integrated with premium components to make it expandable, as well as battery and electric vehicle ready. That means your home will be good to go when you decide to make it 100% electric and automated. With increasing complications from forest fires, there’s already a foundation for adding backup.

Only the Best Equipment at a Bulk Discount

What bolsters the efficient installation is the platinum technology we use. The robust inverter-optimizer configuration ensures that you take advantage of the maximum amount of power your solar system harvests and converts to clean energy. Our intelligent design also reduces power losses suffered through excess wiring. Producing optimal clean energy translates into a more efficient system that saves you more money and accelerates your rate of return and payback period – all while further reducing your carbon footprint.

Because of our long-term relationship with premium manufacturers who are well researched by our engineers, your investment is protected in the long run. You will benefit in price, quality, and value from our volume procurement and direct connections with such top manufacturers as Panasonic, LG, REC, and SunPower – some of the largest, most viable, and financially stable solar manufacturers in the world. These alliances include state-of-the-art American and German inverters. Since the inversion process is critical to consistent and reliable energy generations, quality inverters that last for decades guarantee the useful life of the system.

Proactive Care

To ensure system operation, you will have a monitoring system overseeing hardware and software performance via one portal for system reading, management, and updates. You will see precision data, and if there’s a malfunction, you will know before serious interruptions. Your installation will be further secured by a 12-month production review to look at annual system performance. So, there’s no need for the trauma of trying for nebulous assistance. It will have already been arranged for you. We are there when you need us – that’s how you treat family.

For a team of caring and knowledgeable specialists, contact SolarUnion at (888) 815-6633. We are experienced and certified for all California residents.