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How Solar Works

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Solar energy offers home and business owners incredible benefits—saving you money, minimizing your dependency on the grid, and helping you utilize clean, renewable energy. At SolarUnion, we want to make solar services as easy and stress-free as possible, guiding you through the process from start to finish. This all starts with an understanding about how solar works. To put it simply, solar saves you money through a classic economic principle: Buy low and sell high. In this case, consume the free electricity you generate through the use of your solar panels, and sell your excess output to your utility at a markup.

Installing long-lasting high-quality solar (PV) panels will turn the sun’s rays into lasting savings. Learn more by calling SolarUnion at (888) 815-6633 today!

The Solar Process

Our San Francisco based solar company uses the latest 21st-century technology to hedge against rising electric consumption costs.

Solar panels save you money with a simple 4-step process:

  1. Solar panels on your home generate electricity from sunlight.
  2. Electricity generated from the solar panels supplies your home and the grid.
  3. When the sun isn't shining your home draws electricity from the grid.
  4. A net meter tracks how much electricity is supplied and drawn from the grid.

How You Save When You Hire Our Bay Area Solar Company

The amount of electricity your solar panels supply to the grid offsets the amount of electricity your home draws from the grid. You pay a low monthly bill for using your panels with $0 for electric consumption to the utility.

Your home’s savings are estimated as the difference between your SolarUnion payment and the payment you would have otherwise made to the utility company. Our team will closely monitor and maintain your solar system to keep your system lasting long into the future. This means you gain complete control over your electric consumption expenses. Contact us today to find out how our San Francisco solar experts can empower you! We are here to answer your every solar question, and are happy to walk you through the solar process, keeping you informed from the electrical panel upgrade to solar panel installation to the final handshake post-service.

Ready to get on the road to a brighter future? Call (888) 815-6633 or contact SolarUnion online to get started today.

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“The optimized solar system is delivering incredible power and more than enough to zero out the electric bill and sell some to the grid.”


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