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Technology has changed so much in the world. You can see who is at your front door while you are across town in your office. You can play a video game with someone you have never met on the other side of the globe. Automation. Artificial Intelligence. Robotics.

Despite all these advances, one thing has stayed the same for half a century: electric panels. Until now.

SPAN, founded by ex-Tesla engineer Arch Rao, has developed a smart electrical panel that is the perfect complement for homes equipped with solar panels, behind-the-meter batteries, electric vehicles, and all-electric heaters and appliances.

SolarUnion is proud to be an authorized installer for SPAN Smart Panels.

What Makes SPAN Smart Panels Different?

Imagine if you can monitor which circuits require the most power, much like you can see on which apps are using the most data on your phone. With SPAN, that insight is a reality.

  • Control Your Electric Panel from Your Phone. With a SPAN panel and its smartphone app, you can see where your energy is going. The SPAN technology changes how you interact with your home. You can turn on and off individual circuits from your smartphone. This capability gives homeowners supreme power in how they control their electric usage. Control your SPAN Smart Panel by ethernet, Wi-Fi, cellular, and Bluetooth connections.
  • Better Utilize Your Home Battery. Power outages from wildfires, storms, and grid-stressed blackouts are part of Californians way of life. Many residents have installed home battery backup systems. With SPAN Smart Panels, the homeowner can decide which circuits stay energized during a blackout. You can power your oven to cook dinner at night. Energize your outlets to make coffee in the morning. Keep your computer running during the day to work from home. Power where and when you need it.
  • Move Away from Natural Gas and Fossil Fuels. The SPAN Smart Panel is an extension of the SPAN company mission to have homes become solar-powered and all-electric, moving away from using natural gas and fossil fuels for power. We believe in electric everything. Homes powered by solar, electric cars, electric appliances. The Smart Panel makes it easier to have all-electric everything in your home. For homes with a solar system, the SPAN technology will help owners better manage the solar energy. The panels will then produce the most electricity possible with the least amount of sunlight possible.

Other aspects of SPAN Smart Panels you should know:

  • Outdoor SPAN Smart Panels are weather-resistant and can handle rain, snow, and sunshine.
  • Indoor panels have a sleek design to blend into your home’s interior.
  • The panel is compatible with standard residential circuit breakers.
  • SPAN Smart Panels are also accessible via Alexa-enabled devices.

SPAN Smart Panels bring intelligence to how your home consumes power.

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“I had never been invited by a salesperson to stop the conversation right there, go out and compare.”

Add Flexibility and Control by Installing a SPAN Smart Panel

Upgrade from a traditional analog panel with a technology-driven alternative. Call on the electrical panel experts at SolarUnion, an authorized installer of the SPAN Smart Panel. The panel can also be a part of a new solar panel installation or upgrade.

At SolarUnion, we treat each customer like a member of our family. Our goal is to go above and beyond expectations. We back every installation with a 25-year performance guarantee. We also give you extra peace of mind with our 25-year roof integrity warranty. See what others have to say about us in our customer testimonials!

Trust the only Diamond-Certified solar company in the San Francisco Bay area for your SPAN Smart Panel installation. Contact us online or at (888) 815-6633 to speak with one of our clean energy specialists.

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