Generator Installation

Powering autonomy with resilience and reliability.

Generator Installation in San Francisco

Ensuring You Have a Reliable Source of Backup Power

SolarUnion offers low carbon footprint (LCF) stationary gas generators for customers who want ultimate resiliency to backup their homes in uncertain times. This solution is geared towards California homeowners looking for seamless reliability, 24/7, any season of the year, rain or shine. The combination of grid-tied solar + storage + LCF backup generators constitutes the most robust and autonomous residential micro-grid solution in areas where the supply of electricity by the local utility is intermittent and unreliable.

When the power goes out during a bad storm, heat wave, grid failure, or an earthquake, this ultimate resiliency solution will protect your loved ones. Your home will remain 100% operational from central air to water pump, refrigeration, personal computers, servers, wi-fi connectivity, fish tanks, medical equipment, etc.

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Low Carbon Footprint (LCF) Stationary Gas Generators

Unlike portable generators, our LCF stationary gas generators will start and stop automatically with no need to refuel. There is no need for extension cords. No worries. No hassle. No fire hazards.

Our LCF stationary gas generators come with self-testing analysis, useful for performance tests before an outage hits your zip code.

These generators offer:

  • Steady, high-quality power that protects your electronics from damage related to low-quality power sources

  • A steel enclosure with automotive-grade paint for advanced corrosion protection – with a 2,000-hour protection, and an aluminum enclosure that is built to last

  • A neighborhood-friendly solution, with weekly exercise volume that is similar to a normal conversation

Quality Products You Can Trust

With our Kohler generators (Germany) and our electric resiliency consultants and installers, you will get parts (including automatic transfer switch), permits, and initial and final inspections as part of our all-in turnkey solution.

In under five seconds, your LCG stationary gas generator will serve as an immediate source of resiliency and couple with your solar system and storage solution to automatically restore power to the main electrical panel and keep you connected seamlessly. You get adequate energy for all critical loads at home, including your heating system in the winter season and your air conditioning system in the summer.

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Why Choose SolarUnion?

  • We Treat Customers Like Family

    You can hold us accountable for decades. We will stand behind our work and do whatever it takes to remedy any issues you have.

  • Our Guarantee to You

    We offer a comprehensive Trifecta guarantee that covers for parts, labor and production for 25 years.

  • The Most Reliable Home Energy Provider

    We value delivering certainty when it comes to installing and maintaining clean, reliable solar energy.

  • We're Committed to Educating

    Solar is complicated and SolarUnion is here to educate homeowners not to push sales. We hire solar advocates, not sales reps.

  • We Respect the Roof

    We treat our customers' roofs like they are our own. An install will not be rushed if it means jeopardizing the integrity of the roof.

  • Making Solar Accessible to All

    Our goal is to help foster the adoption of renewable energy. No matter the type of roof or your credit, you can go solar.

Our Customer Testimonials

    I recommend SolarUnion to anyone looking for a no-pressure, friendly, fast solar installation!

    - Zack S.

    Thank you Solar Union for your advice and clean installation

    - Susan T.

    I highly recommend Solar Union

    - Howie C.S.

    I have told all my friends and neighbors about the benefits of our solar installation!

    - Larry

    Unbelievable. Went from site inspection to system being fully operational in 5 weeks.


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