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Your solar panels will produce an abundance of clean energy, but unfortunately for most homeowners, they will produce at their most when nobody’s home to enjoy it. During the peak of the day, most people are at work and kids are away at school, which means that a significant part of that energy passes back to the grid to be used somewhere else. However, with a quality energy storage solution installed by our experts at SolarUnion, you will not only enjoy more of the energy you produce, but you will also protect your family from power outages, thanks to excess energy created by your solar system!

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Benefits of a Battery Backup System

Energy storage solutions are smart hardware and software applications coupled with batteries that power your entire home. Your solar energy system charges this battery during productive hours, keeping it stored until you need it. Later, when the sun goes down and your panels stop producing, or when the local power goes out, your system switches your home over to this backup power so you can continue functioning normally with minimal interruption or disruptions.

The benefits of a battery backup system with your solar energy system include:

  • Power supply stabilization: Keep your lights on during power outages and avoid disruptions to your life, all without the hassle and upkeep of a backup generator.
  • Peak energy usage management: Avoid extremely expensive peak-time energy costs with our state-of-the-art software. Our systems use this software to help you avoid using public grid power during the most expensive points in the day, keeping more money in your pocket!
  • Self-sufficient: Our battery backup systems don’t exclusively draw energy from the public grid to charge—they mainly use the excess energy generated by your panels, which means you don’t have to worry about the high cost of keeping them topped off! Likewise, you can use the solar energy you have harvested at night when the sun isn’t shining for even greater savings!
  • Durability: Our systems are backed by a full 10-year warranty on all parts and labor!
  • Ready availability: No waiting around to get your job done; our experts can get one of these systems installed in your home within just a few short days!

We understand that most homeowners aren't familiar with the newest energy solutions on the market, which is why we will thoroughly evaluate your needs, offer honest recommendations, and be completely transparent, handling the installation process with the utmost care. Don't hesitate to give us a call to discuss your options and schedule your installation today!

Do Solar Panels Work When the Power Goes Out?

The systems we offer at SolarUnion are different from those offered by the competition—as the systems offered by competitors often link both your panels and your backup system to the same inverter which is connected to the public power grid. When the grid goes down during a blackout, your inverter has to shut down for safety, and you still experience the power outage. This isn’t the case at SolarUnion—our energy storage solutions separate your solar backup battery from your main grid in two different inverters, enabling you to keep the two completely and truly independent.

We are committed to always offering the most innovative solutions to our customers, and we always customize your battery backup system—pairing the battery and the software to your specific needs. This allows us to install whole home energy storage systems to your space no matter the size and scope. We will analyze your energy needs and offer solutions to match, even providing modular systems and high-energy-output systems, so you know your home’s energy will be protected 24/7.

Want to learn more about our solar energy storage solutions throughout California? Contact SolarUnion at (888) 815-6633 or contact us online today!

Why Choose SolarUnion?

  • We Treat Customers Like Family

    You can hold us accountable for decades. We will stand behind our work and do whatever it takes to remedy any issues you have.

  • Our Guarantee to You

    We offer a comprehensive Trifecta guarantee that covers for parts, labor and production for 25 years.

  • The Most Reliable Home Energy Provider

    We value delivering certainty when it comes to installing and maintaining clean, reliable solar energy.

  • We're Committed to Educating

    Solar is complicated and SolarUnion is here to educate homeowners not to push sales. We hire solar advocates, not sales reps.

  • We Respect the Roof

    We treat our customers' roofs like they are our own. An install will not be rushed if it means jeopardizing the integrity of the roof.

  • Making Solar Accessible to All

    Our goal is to help foster the adoption of renewable energy. No matter the type of roof or your credit, you can go solar.

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    I recommend SolarUnion to anyone looking for a no-pressure, friendly, fast solar installation!

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    Thank you Solar Union for your advice and clean installation

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    I highly recommend Solar Union

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    I have told all my friends and neighbors about the benefits of our solar installation!

    - Larry

    Unbelievable. Went from site inspection to system being fully operational in 5 weeks.


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