Is Your Rooftop Ready for Solar?

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Have you been hearing strange sounds from your house? Chances are, your rooftop is talking to you! While some older homes have weathered the years without a dent, others have naturally shown deterioration over time. Slow leaks, falling debris, and creaking beams are classic symptoms of overdue maintenance. If you are looking into a home solar system, it is important to have a good launching pad for the system, so ensuring your roof is in tip-top shape will make certain your solar installation won’t become a Halloween horror story. Since the weight of the solar panels needs support for at least a 25-year lifespan, proactive roof maintenance to eliminate pitfalls is essential.

When installation day comes, technicians will need to do roof penetration by drilling into various areas and installing flashing around the attachments, to protect the surrounding area from the drilled holes. In these areas, your panels are bolted into the roof to stay snugly anchored about six inches above the surface. This elevation allows air to flow, cooling the panels, which in turn cool your house by absorbing the sun before your roof does. The panels also serve as barriers to snow and wind which, when left unchecked, can further erode rooftops. At the same time, seasonal rainwater flowing underneath the panels can easily enter vulnerable areas of the older roof. So even if flashing is in place, leaks can occur, leading to rot and mold. Lost shingles, faltering ballasts, busted studs, etc. erode the strength and insulation of the roof. That effect can compromise the safety and reliability of both your new solar system and your home. Decaying insulation from older roofs also allows heat to escape, potentially bringing higher monthly utility bills while releasing more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere through excess fuel used for home heating.

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In light of these risks, home improvement projects to save energy often include the repair or replacement of older rooftops. SolarUnion provides free solar readiness audits which include critical roof inspections. Solar panel mounting and racking options vary, and with a solid base and optimal design, are then worry-free. From a single home to HOAs to commercial, we are experts on all types of roofs. Since our founding, we have helped over 2000 property owners pave the way for greater independence from ongoing utility price hikes.

Saving with Solar

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Financing a new roof can easily be bundled with the cost of the actual solar system, in a discounted package. Community lenders and PACE options routinely facilitate the necessary arrangement at rates as low as .99% with $0 down. With your new solar system, you can take the 26% tax credit along with state and local incentives, while adding to the value of your home. Since those incentives (along with net metering payments) will begin dropping after this year, it’s a good idea to get a jump on getting your solar project planned.

SolarUnion’s experience and expertise offers a unique and reliable approach to solar—directly partnering with local consumers to provide optimal home solar systems. We also have some of the most stellar warranties in the field, running longer than most other outfits.

In addition to our solar audits, we also offer upgrade solutions, solar and battery backup installation, repair, maintenance, and more! Consider us your one-stop shop for all things solar.

By scheduling a 20-minute call with SolarUnion, you can discuss questions and details for quality rooftop restoration and very accessible financing. You can place yourself directly in our calendar, fill out our easy online contact form, or give us a call at (888) 815-6633.