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Go Green & Save Green in Energy Costs

Businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprints and lower their energy costs are turning to solar power systems. By investing in solar panels for your commercial property, your property can work for you in a whole new way. If you’ve considered integrating commercial solar panels into the way you do work, you need the best there is in the business to get the job done.

SolarUnion is an industry leader when it comes to commercial solar installations in San Francisco. No matter what kind of business you own, we have the experience and skill necessary to help you integrate solar power with your commercial property. Our experts are eager to take on any project, large or small, to help business owners like you make a positive impact on your community, the world (and your bottom line!).

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How Many Solar Panels Will You Need For a Commercial Building?

Budget-conscious business owners obviously want to understand how many solar panels they’ll need to make their investment worthwhile. There is no standard answer for this because your property’s needs are unique to its size and energy usage.

Factors that can affect the number of panels you’ll need can include the following:

  • Amount of space you have to install solar panels
  • Average amount of shade or cloud cover above your property
  • Number of kilowatt-hours your property normally uses each month
  • Each solar panel’s size
  • Each solar panel’s power rating

Another important consideration is that San Francisco can experience a lot of weather that can obscure direct sunlight. With this in mind, you may want to explore your options in an energy storage solution that can keep the power flowing even when the sun won’t shine!

What If I Don’t Have Enough Roof Space?

Whether your commercial property doesn’t have enough roof space or it’s in the shadow of something else, you’re not out of luck! Our commercial solar installation services in San Francisco include ground solar system options. A ground solar system can be installed on other locations around your property, such as parking lots or unused land, to expand its solar power-generating potential!

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25 Years of Output – Guaranteed!

When it comes to powering up your business for the future, not all companies are as bold as SolarUnion. We stand by our work and back it by our comprehensive Trifecta Guarantee, which includes 25 years of coverage for parts, labor, and production.

Why Should I Hire SolarUnion for Commercial Solar Services?

SolarUnion is the best solar power contractor you’ll find in this area. We take pride in our work and deliver nothing but the best when it comes to customer service and workmanship. Not only that, but we use the best high-efficiency solar panels on the market, optimizing each unit to maximize your overall power production. We are 100% minority owned and a great partner to enhance your environmental, social and governance (ESG) certification standards

In addition to our Trifecta Guarantee, it’s no wonder why our customers love us and the new potential we’ve provided for their commercial properties. If you’d like to learn more about commercial solar installations in San Francisco, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!

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