Can You Charge Your Electric Car with Solar Panels?

Solar Charging Station for Electric Vehicles

Many homeowners with solar panel systems ask themselves, “Can solar power an electric car?” The answer to this common question is “yes.” When you install a solar energy system for your home, it not only powers your home but also charges your electric vehicle (EV) for emission-free transportation.

This means that if you drive an EV, you can reap additional environmental and financial benefits by installing a solar EV charging station to power your ride. When you combine your EV charging station with your solar system, these benefits only multiply.

Before you choose the size of your solar energy system, you need to determine how much electricity your car would use in the future. But you don’t have to do it alone. Our skilled technicians will evaluate your energy needs and pair your EV charger with your solar system, adding a solar inverter if necessary. Not only will your electric car get powered by a green source of energy but charging your vehicle won’t come from your city’s electrical grid, saving you money in the long run.

According to the US Department of Energy’s eGallon website, California drivers pay an average of $3.73 per gallon for gasoline. On the other hand, drivers who use a grid-tied charging system for their electric vehicles pay $1.86 a gallon. However, if you decide to install a home solar EV charging system from SolarUnion, the cost to charge your EV decreases to $1.00 per gallon!

If you want to go solar now but plan on purchasing an EV in the future, do not worry. When you explain your plans to our SolarUnion consultant, we can size your solar energy system for future usage and ensure that your system is friendly for add-ons or future size increases. We provide options that can generate enough electricity to power your home today and charge your electric car tomorrow.

You can also integrate your EV charging system with a battery storage solution, which makes charging more cost-effective. This is because battery storage solutions, also known as “charging stations,” draw energy from the grid during low-demand periods and release power to charge EVs during peak-demand periods. Battery storage also provides California consumers with an extra sense of security in the face of rolling PG&E blackouts.

Additional benefits of installing an EV charging station include:

  • Lower energy costs: If your charging station is tied directly to your solar system, you save big on costs because you are bypassing the city’s grid. Using your own solar energy to charge your car means that you won’t have to pay PG&E’s expensive energy costs.
  • Reduces carbon emissions: You can stop supporting fossil fuels when you install a charging station. This is because city utilities are mostly powered by fossil fuels, so when you charge your vehicle using the grid, the environment is negatively impacted. For this reason, if you bought an electric vehicle to minimize your carbon footprint, you should install a home EV charging system. Otherwise, your EV would get powered by the grid, which increases carbon emissions. Instead of hurting the environment, pair your charging station with your solar system so you can have peace of mind knowing your green vehicle is powered by greener energy.
  • Minimal space requirements: Unlike bulky, early systems, new EV charging stations can be attached to your wall and are as small as the size of a suitcase, allowing you to maximize your space.
  • Faster charging: A typical outlet may result in painfully slow charging. Our team will find the perfect solar charging station for your needs, one that can charge your vehicle up to 4x faster.
  • Quick return on investment: The added savings on your energy bills combined with our quick and high-quality installation process means your new EV charging system will pay for itself in as fast as 2 years.

Go Green with SolarUnion

As electric vehicles are poised to overtake conventional combustion vehicles in the marketplace, it is important to ensure that they are being powered sustainably and economically. By adding a home solar EV charging system, your car will truly run on zero emissions, allowing you to save thousands of dollars in energy bills.

To learn about our offerings, reach out to us at (888) 815-6633!

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