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Sarah Richmond

Digital Marketing & Outreach Specialist
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I am Sarah and serve as the Digital Marketing and Outreach Specialist at SolarUnion. Having deep familial roots in the Bay Area in both construction and engineering, I am invested in providing quality energy to my neighbors. My previous work has spanned from wildlife conservation to education and the arts. I first became interested in alternative energy by my fascination of science and chemistry in understanding how the renewable sources are converted into usable power. Plus the huge impact it has on the environment and nature around us. After attending an Audubon conservation meeting I became convinced that localized energy solutions were the answer to my community’s energy needs and chose SolarUnion because of their commitment to quality systems and workmanship. I love how passionate and invested the team is in this company, and how much they care about their customers’ experience. SolarUnion is a smart and ambitious company and I’m proud to be a part of it.